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GB Instagram V1.30 APK Download For Android

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Social media become the most popular today and its expanding more and more. Talking about social media Instagram is a most trending application. Instagram is used for sharing images, videos and stories.
Instagram is a very popular application but the biggest con is that you are not able to download images videos and stories that you have shared on Instagram.

That is why we are bringing you the best application which is GB Instagram. It doesn’t need any third party application.

There is much application available on internet which allows you to download the images and videos from Instagram but it needs a third-party application. GB Instagram doesn’t need any other application.

We have another option for you guys if you don’t trust Third party application then, OGinsta+ Instagram mod is also good for downloading images and videos from Instagram.

This mod version app has latest features which are better than Instagram and other MODS version of Instagram. You can also check GBWhatsapp to explore more whatsapp features.
GB Instagram V1.30 APK Download For Android
GB Instagram V1.30 APK Download For Android

Instagram is very secure and best in terms of privacy and that is the reason it doesn’t allow to download images and videos shared by someone else.
If you want an image from Instagram then you need to screenshot it and then crop it, even by wasting some much of time you lost the quality of the a video is impossible on Instagram.
For easily download images and videos from Instagram we have discovered GB Instagram for guys.GB Instagram is developed by AtnfasHoak. Who also developed GB Instagram app.
GB Instagram comes with many unlocked features of keep both Instagram application on your phone.

Version Info

APP NAME                    GBINSTA

Last updated                Jan 9, 2018

Android version            4.3+

Total downloads         500,000+

App size                          39.7 MB

Version name                1.30

Main task                       Instagram app with some features

  Features Of GB Instagram APK

  • Unlike Instagram it allows to download images, videos and stories from Instagram.
  • Allows translating comments into any other language.
  • Upload images and videos from Asturias. 
  • Allows to copy and share images link and videos directly on Instagram. 
  • You can copy comments. 
  • You can also zoom in and out for photos.
  • Able to play audio with video automatically.
  • You can copy description.   
  • Able to change theme conversations screen and conversion. 
  • No requirements for download root require.
  • Can keep two Instagram on the same device
  • Comes with notification count.
I hope you guys had downloaded GB Instagram on your device. If you love Instagram, I am sure you will love GB Instagram too.GB Instagram is the best Instagram mod apk available.

Below is the link for downloading GB Instagram and also we’ll tell you how to install GB Instagram Android.

How To Install GB Instgram On Android?

After reading the features of GB Instagram, I am sure you want to install it. Well, it is easy to install GB Instagram on your android device but if you’ll face any problem, don’t worry we are here to help you. Below are steps on how to install GB Instagram.

Step 1
:-> Obviously, first, you need to download GB Instagram on your android device from the link given here.

Step 2
:-> Now install GB Instagram on your device from the download folder.

GB Instagram V1.30 APK Download For Android

Step 3:-> If you are facing any trouble then go to settings>> security>>enable unknown sources in order to install GB Instagram.

Step 4:-> Try again to install it, and it will be installed on your device successfully.
GB Instagram V1.30 APK Download For Android

Step 5
:-> After successfully installing GB Instagram on your device, log in to your Instagram account.
GB Instagram V1.30 APK Download For Android

Now, enjoy the amazing features of GB Instagram!

I hope you have enjoyed this app. Don’t worry in terms of details you have shared, it is a trusted MOD apk. You will be able to unlock many amazing features of Instagram.

You will not get banned or face any issue by installing this application on your device. Your credential will be safe.


This mod pack of Instagram has best features. If you are the Instagram lover you will love GB Instagram or I’ll suggest you OGinsta+. Both the MOD APK is the best with many great unlocked features.

GB instagramapk application will give freedom beyond Instagram. you can enjoy GB Instagram on any android device with 4.0+ android version.

Over To You:

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial and successfully downloaded GBInstagram APK latest version.

How was your experience using GBInstagram? How much stars you will give to this app out of 5? Do let me know in the comments below.

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Free Tools To Create Your Own Font

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Fonts represent the perception of an individual in content. Getting the right font on a topic is very important. Typography is very popular especially, in web design. 

If you want free entertainment then check out this ShowBox APK.

Don’t you think that what if we can create our unique font easily? There are many free fonts online and many of Google fonts too but you can’t customize them. So, if you want to make your own font this is the place.

Take a look on 10 awesome tools to create your own fonts:)

Free Tools To Create Your Own Font
Free Tools To Create Your Own Font

This tool is browser-based in which you can easily create your font. Infanta you can draw letters as per your own font. 

Fontark also has the feature of video tutorial which helps to understand all function.Designed fonts can be export to OTF files.

Fontark ‘s best factor is outline generator which allows you to modify our font in thickness and curve by creating an outline to the drawing .you can execute the changes to all the characters at once.

For using fontark there is no need have a user account but unlocking each function you have to log in. If you want to save the work then s registration is required. 

OAuth registration through Facebook is also available but not compulsory.fontark has logotypes and icon modes for special fonts.
Availability: chrome and safari.

Free Tools To Create Your Own Font

Print font is a handy tool for creating a quick is the web based tool which is easy and effective. 

For creating the font you have to download the template (PNG or Pdf) now, you have to create your font by hands or Gimp, photoshop or paint.

Now upload the file back in the format of (PDF, PNG, JPG or TIFF).now you font will be ready as OTF or TTF.
Availability: all modern browsers.

Free Tools To Create Your Own Font

Birdfont is not absolutely free, you have to agree to conditions of SIL open font license in which your created font will be licensed and for commercial use, you have to pay the amount.

You can create the font from the grid or with hands in other program or on paper. Then, you have to import the drawn image in bird font as background and trace the characters. 

Inbirdfont you can import files from Adobe Illustrator or inkspace and can export your work to TTF, EOT, OR SVG font. the website also has video tutorial.

Availability: Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, and Windows.

Free Tools To Create Your Own Font

Fontforge is open source tool with many features and settings. For beginners, it can be a little difficult but it also contains helpful tutorial and FAQ for the knowledge of typography.

In fontforge it lets you create your own font by drawing curves, and then arranging the shape and position. If you are photoshop or gimp user you enjoy it and if not then you have to give it time.

You can arrange the curves in detail in spiro mode. Same as bird font in fontforge too you can import SVG AND EPS IN Adobe Illustrator or inkspace and can use the font in pdfs.

You can find problems before exporting the font with ‘’find problem’’ option and font validation tools.

Availability: Windows & Mac OS X, Ubuntu, other Linux distributions.

Free Tools To Create Your Own Font

Fontstruct is very easy for creating your own font with the help ‘’bricks’’.in fonstruct you got the option to modify other user’s fonts.

The tool is made for both new users and expert, if you want more features and tools then go into expert mode.

In fontstruct, you can able to zoom in and out, have fullscreen mode too and can use different grids and auxiliary can export the font in TTF file or .glyphs format which you can edit on Mac OS X.

You can’t create the font from your handwriting and not even import the 
existing font but, you can import fonts of other users from dozens of fonts available in the gallery.

Availability: all modern browsers.

Free Tools To Create Your Own Font

Glyphr studio is very easy to use the tool and pretty practical application. You can create font online or in HTML file and there is no need to install glyphrstudio.

you can import file from adobe illustrator,inkspace or even from SVG fonts.

In glyphr studio tool you can arrange kerning and ligatures for creating linked shapes which you can reuse for creating also has the feature of a live preview of your font from the test drive function.

The star feature of the glyphr studio is that you can divide the tool into two screens.
Availability: all modern browsers, but best in chrome.

Free Tools To Create Your Own Font

My scriptfont is an absolutely free lets you use your handwriting. For creating your own font you have to download the template in PDF or PNG format than print and draw from hands or use it in a paint program. 

After filling up the template upload the scanning image and the new font is ready.

It also gives you choice between TTF OR OTF format.My scriptfont is similar to paintfont.there is no registration required for using my scriptfont.
Availability: all modern browsers.

Free Tools To Create Your Own Font

Fontastic is all about icon fonts which a very popular for websites.icon fonts does not contain fonts it has small images.the fontastic tool also has a guide feature which helps to understand the tool and how to make icon font.

Fontastic allows to import files from SVG for creating the font. It also has tool CSS that can edit each character by changing shadows and color. 

The icons of font scales according to the device and this is why it looks fontastic! Registration through email and password is needed for creating a font from fantastic.

Availability: works in all modern browsers.

Free Tools To Create Your Own Font

Pentacom’bitfontmaker lets create your special font which is known as pixel font.

which are very popular from classic video games. It also has a gallery that contains other user’s fonts. It also allows uploading TTF OR OTF Font and modifying them.

It lets you share your font with other Pentacom’bitfontmaker users. No registration required.
Availability: supports IE 9+, Firefox2+, Safari 5+, and chrome.

Free Tools To Create Your Own Font

Ttfedit tool is the last in the list which not simple and not a tough tool for creating your font. 

In this tool, you can start from the scratch or edit the existing TTF fonts. Ttfedit contains two tabs each of the tabs has different features.

Ttfedittool allows changing the structure of the fonts by arranging curves in glyph editor. It’s a desktop tool so installation required.
Availability: Linux, Windows, Mac OS x.

Over To You:

I hope you will understand each and every fonts and learn from this.

What are your reviews for free tools to create your fonts? I would love to hear that. Please let me know your reviews for same in the comments below. 

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Download Megabox HD App For Android/iOS/Windows 2018

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Who doesn’t like to watch latest movies, TV shows and popular TV serials on your android device for absolutely free and if you want to download the best application for entertainment then Megabox HD app is for you.

download megabox hd app
Download Megabox HD App

In our last post we saw Showbox apk for android which allows you to watch/stream high quality HD movies. So in case if you missed this post. Do read that :) 

Amongst the applications available for entertainment Megabox HD is the best for entertainment. You will get the new latest movies and TV shows daily because, Megabox developers update the app daily.

[Update] Megabox HD:

Are you getting trouble updating Megabox HD’s latest version 2018? Then no need to worry, download the latest version 2018 of Megabox HD from here.

Download Megabox HD app for Android, IOS & on PC (Windows & Mac):

Megabox HD is an effortless app to use. 

You will find different categories like new/popular, best-rated movies or the same categories in TV shows. There is left side drop down sidebar where you will find various categories.

You can even download or play online the latest movies and TV shows for free on Megabox HD app on your android device.

Megabox HD is only for android users. We will tell you the process of downloading Megabox HD for ios devices later.

Now let’s go through the steps that you need to do for successfully downloading and install Megabox HD apk on your android device.

Update:  Android 6.0 marshmallow users are facing some troubles in downloading movies from Megabox HD on Android devices for those users follow these steps to download movies.

Step 1: Go to setting/Applications/application manager /select app 'Megabox HD'/ permissions set enable phone and storage.

Step 2:   Mplayer app is suggested for watching videos smoothly.

You Can Install Megabox HD APP On Android using Megabox HD Apk File:

As Megabox HD is not available on Google play store we will tell you how to install it. We explained everything now; you only need to get to the link given below for installing Megabox HD on your android device.

Install Megabox HD On iPhone – Megabox HD for iOS 10/10.1.2/9.4/9.3/9.2:

Megabox HD works best on both Android and iOS operating system for watching latest movies and TV shows absolutely free.

Megabox HD is not available for iPhone/iOS users but we got your solution, by using few apps you will able to download Megabox HD on your iOS device. Follow the link given below.

Download Megabox HD For PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7) & Mac Computer/Laptop:

Megabox HD is also available for PC for enjoying latest movies and TV shows on your windows/iOS for installing Megabox HD on your pc you need to install Megabox HD apk file and android emulator software.

You can download Megabox HD apk file from the link given above and you can install Megabox HD on your PC from the given link.

Over To You:

If you are a big fan of entertainment than, what you are waiting for Megabox HD is for you. It is best for watching latest movies and TV shows for free. I hope you guys have downloaded Megabox HD on your devices.

If you are facing any problem in downloading Megabox HD for android 2018 then comment below. I will help you out!

Are you going to download Megabox HD 2018 today? Do let me know in the comments below.

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