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Top 10 Most Addictive Games For Android Of All Time

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In this particular article, we are sharing the 10 most addictive games of all time. You can have a complete look and explore the top addictive games for Android. These are the games which are recurrently receiving good response from their audience.

most addictive games for android

 Android mobile gaming incorporates and attracts all types of ages. There are already millions of android games reachable through Google Play. We can play tons of android games totally free of charge in android mobile.

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These are great addictive games and can kill free time. They are best addictive games for android, and people get addicted towards them quickly. In this blog post, we are putting forward 10 top-most addictive android games accessible through android phone.

Most addictive android games of 2016 :

1) Candy Crush Saga :

most addictive games for android

If you desire to occupy time on accessing android game’s, you must surely download Candy Crush Saga. If you try playing this game once, I bet you will like to pursue it frequently.

Some of the Features :

  • Attractive images and graphics that will make you play the game again and again
  • Supportive and charmed boosters to assist in different challenging game levels
  • Explore delightful environments and sugary characters to crack discovered treats

2) Angry Birds :

most addictive games for android

Angry Birds is the most popular and addictive game found in the play store. It has multiple and different versions on android mobile. It comes with addictive functionalities and amazing features. In fact, this is the most addicting android game of 2016.

Some of the Features :

  • Astonishing graphics with multiple and interesting character structures
  • The game offers exciting physics based gameplay and can be played for hours
  • Game’s each and every level needs great judgment, skills and thinking to be applied

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3) Temple Run :

most addictive games for android

The game brought innovative uprising in playing android mobile games. It is a very interesting android game. Playing this game requires multiple functionalities like sliding, running, turning and escaping. People adore this game for its great detailing and is the most addictive game played on google play. 

Some of the Features: 

  • Stunning graphics and elegant organic settings 
  • Different levels of difficulties and complexities 
  • Distinct powers to each and every character used

4) Subway Surfers :

most addictive games for android

This game is one of the most prevalently played and downloaded android games. Once loosing life, players like to play the game multiple times to win it.

Some of the Features :

  • Multi-coloured and intense graphics 
  • Advanced Surfing functionalities 
  • Swift in use and has challenging levels
most addictive games for android

Jetpack Joyride is a very interesting game for android mobile. Its graphics are incomparable to the other games which fall in its category. It is a tap screen game and can be explored repeatedly on any android smartphone.

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It is an absolutely free game and one of my favourite games too. The game involves and needs higher GPU and RAM in comparison to the other games. 


most addictive games for android

BADLAND is an action adventure game set in a beautiful forest with inhabitants, plants, and the flowers. It is an adventure game users need to escape from various traps and obstacles on the way.

Some of the Features:

  • Played at various levels and shared!
  • Exceedingly attractive audio-visual user experience
  • Offer support to both immersive mode and cloud save

8) Cut The Rope 2 :

most addictive games for android
Cut the rope is a frequently played game on android smartphone. This game is very addictive and is used to kill time. The game is full of encounters and challenges with multiple complexity levels. It is played across the globe.
most addictive games for android

As the name suggests, this is a puzzle game played on android mobile. You require to resolve number puzzle and complete different levels. It is a puzzle focused addictive android game.

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most addictive games for android

Fruit Ninjas is a fun game. It is regularly played game on Google Play. You are required to cut fruits promptly when they come on the screen. 

Conclusion :

So here we have shared 10 addictive games which you can download on your android phone and relish playing them. These are the most addictive android mobile games you would ever discover on Google Play. 

You can make best of your time exploring them with every level of play.

If you want to recommend us some more such addictive games, then please share it in the comments section below.

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    CutTheRope, Candy Crush Saga and Angry birds are few most addictive games for android people still use to play.

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