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8 Best Antivirus For Android Mobile Phones Free Download

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In this blog post, today we will share a stimulating content that is researched and gathered to explore the top most antivirus programs for Android smartphones.

Best Antivirus For Android Mobile Phones Free Download

In our last post we saw [Exclusive] List of 8 Free Antivirus Software for 2017 and now let's browse and discover about the 8 finest android security antiviruses.

Best Android Antivirus Applications:

1. Clean Master

Clean master is typically acknowledged as Android optimizer, a speed booster, battery saver and junk file cleaner antivirus software.

Clean Master Best Antivirus For Android Mobile Phones Free Download

It offers a complete antivirus engine which is highly operative. It secures the required private data with app lock functions. 

One can easily scan the whole system, use pre-install and user-install apps to keep the devices safe from spyware, viruses, adware, trojans and vulnerabilities keeping your system safe.

2. McAfee

McAfee Mobile Security guards and augments Android smartphone and tablet’s performance with Antitheft, App Privacy Protection, Find Device, Performance Optimization, Security and Antivirus features from Intel Security.

McFree Best Antivirus For Android Mobile Phones Free Download

It has multiple features and functionalities:

  • Android Wear: Malware shield, Loss inhibition, Wi-Fi protection
  • CaptureCam: Takes a picture of the person having your lost device and swiftly email you the photograph and the device location.
  • CaptureCam can be activated from www.mcafeemobilesecurity.com
  • S.O.S: Saves the former device location beforehand it goes out of battery
  • Device Lock: Avoid misuse of your smartphone and your information by locking it remotely

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3. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile is the best free android antivirus which guards your smartphone or the tablet from infected apps, malware, as well as unauthorized surveillance. 

It is one of the best anti-malware app that can defend your device from multiple malware attacks. 

It has the below features and functionalities
  • Detects the malware
  • Eradicates trojans and spyware
  • Scans apps against malicious code
  • Senses Potentially Unwanted Programs
  • Alerts the threats by sending SMS
  • Examines Android devices for security susceptibilities

4. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout creates security technologies that guards businesses, people and infrastructures from multiple threats. 

It is a best antivirus for android phone with some astonishing features which crack to be very valuable if you want to defend your devices. 

It possesses below features:

  • Notify with an email sending photo and location details when somebody jumbles with your device
  • Offers completely safe browsing by blocking the most unsafe URLs while glancing on both Chrome and Android browser
  • Privacy Advisor: Perceive what personal data can be retrieved by your apps
  • Lock and Wipe: Lock your device remotely, with a customized message and remove data

5. Kaspersky Antivirus & Security

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is a Free antivirus solution that safe guards your devices and data kept on your devices, countering hazardous spyware, mobile threats, trojans and viruses. 

It has the below features and functionalities:

  • Scan viruses and malware
  • Detects unsafe trojans as well as spyware
  • Eliminate threats from your smartphones and the tablets
  • Guards personal data and your privacy
  • Retain and keeps your financial data protected while browsing web
  • Blocks unsolicited calls and SMS 

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6. Avira Antivirus Security

Avira is a trusted antivirus which safe guards your computer devices and the android. It is one of the best antivirus for Android mobile phones with free download functionalities.

Here are some of its powerful features 

  • Protects smartphones and tablets from malware threats
  • Find your misplaced phone
  • Protect your photos, SMS from any kind of misuse
  • Keeps an eye on your sensitive data
  • Blocks unsanctioned access to your device applications
  • Very light on the system and uses less battery 

7. Antivirus & Mobile Security From Trust Go

TrustGo is a free and proficient antivirus app with best antivirus features for android

It features the top-most prevailing virus scan engine, letting you swiftly explore malicious apps which are detected carrying viruses or thieving private information on the mobile devices. 

It has the below functionalities and features:

  • Completely scans each and every app to protect systems from trojans and viruses
  • Safe guards your personal data
  • Accomplishes a very deep scan to search and eliminate viruses
  • Totally free backup and refurbishment of SMS, Contacts and the call history
  • Enables applications that recognize and avert security risks

8. Mobile Security & Antivirus

It is the best security application build by ESET, a top antivirus company. It provides Quarantine folder, which has the collection of all infected files as an alternative of lastingly delete them. 

It supports remote siren and lock as an antivirus android.

It has below functionalities and features:

  • Proactive Anti-Theft which alerts you of mistrustful actions
  • Manages stolen or lost device by exploring my.eset.com
  • Programmed scanning of files, settings and the apps
  • Phishing guard and fully safe browsing
  • Device Monitoring of key settings
  • Enables App audit for the installed apps
  • Allows call blocking, SMS and MMS
  • On-charger scan to reserve needed battery
  • Instinctive updates of important settings and the modules
  • Learning access to mobile cybersecurity


So, this is all about the 8 best 360 degree antiviruses downloaded for android, for protecting your smartphones and tablets as per our point of view. If you use or come across other top antiviruses for Android, just leave a comment below.

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