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10 Best Must Have Linux Apps 2017

Linux is liked by people for multiple reasons. It provides exciting supremacy to its advanced users and is simple to learn for beginners.

best must have linux apps 2017

Everyone has diverse likings, while using different systems and it also remains in the same manner, as far as apps are considered.

However, if you’re just initiating, there are some vital and best linux apps that you should explore and get installed. In this blogpost, we are showcasing the 10 best must have Linux apps you should go through in year 2017.

Best linux apps in 2017:

1. Audacity

Audacity is one of the best audio editing app, that is open source and provides various options for audio recording with built-in multi-channel formats. These formats incudes microphones or mic interface. 

After recording or importing an audio file to audacity, one can use multiple filters, and execute augmentations on it, making it sound precisely you want it to be.

One can then customize the audio by using noise reduction tools to eliminate background noise, and accomplish equalization of the audio to be used in diverse ways.

2. QWinFF

QWinFF is one of the best linux apps in 2017 with graphical user interface for tremendously influential command line utility - FFmpeg, that can be utilized for media conversions.

best must have linux apps 2017

This app is used to transform audio, and video files into diverse formats.

It has functionality of a collaborating video editor that is utilized to cut a bigger video file, into reduced clips.

For advanced users, the app also offers the ability to make adjustments to the bitrate, and sample rate of the video. 

Basically, QWinFF offers almost all of FFmpeg’s features in an easy to use, graphical interface, making it the perfect app for people who are not yet comfortable with using command line utilities. 

You can install QWinFF absolutely free of charge.

3. PDF Chain

Linux users must definitely have heard of “pdftk”, the commanding CLI utility which is used for manipulating multiple PDF files. Though, new users might not be contented with the use of this command line. 

In such scenario, you can utilize the PDF Chain app, which is typically a graphical user interface for pdftk utility.

By using PDF Chain app, you can accomplish activities like merging several PDF files into a solitary PDF. 

If your PDF files are in a dissimilar alignment from the others, they can also be rotated. You can also divide the PDF files into different single pages, print a required background, or get every page stamped in the file.

PDF Chain is free to install and is top most linux app, that has got multiple options accessible for PDF manipulation.

4. Conky

Conky is a very beneficial monitoring system that can be organized to exhibit multiple types of information from the systems. 

Stuffs like the time or the percentage of CPU being utilized, the CPU temperature, and other multiple things can be presented on Conky. 

It can be customized ceaselessly, so you can generate your own arrangements for the application, and display it on your desktop with it.

Conky supports 300+ objects that it can demonstrate information for. If you want to do the required changes to the Conky configuration, you can do it by generating different config files for that purpose. 

5. VirtualBox

VirtualBox is one of the best linux programs and free virtualization app available in the market. 

The app will let you build virtual machines on the Linux system. It supports multiple operating systems like Solaris, Windows, FreeBSD, macOS, and others.

When you initiate to create a virtual machine, you get the directed options to have the configuration of its hardware. 

It will display the storage space, the RAM, and the other details you want to allocate to the different virtual machines.

6. Redshift

Redshift works to keep your eyes safer by avoiding the strain caused by computers. 

It continuously and automatically reduces the overall temperature of your display. 

It decreases the blue light that originates out of your computer screen at the night hours, and safeguards your eyes from receiving strain.

One can set the average temperatures for the app to utilize in the day, and night time, by customizing and editing the configuration files for the application. 

However, even the default set configuration works well for most of the people.

7. GParted

GParted is a fully equipped disk management tool for Linux. With this application, you can do a assembly of processes on your hard disk or on any of the removable storage devices being added to your system. 

The linux Ubuntu app comes installed on Ubuntu 16.10 “Yakkety Yak” by default, so you have to install it again on other distros.  

By using GParted, you get to generate partition tables, build, delete or resize different partitions on the given system. 

The application also let you qualify to disable different partition flags, like “boot” or “hidden”. 

If you lose some or complete data from your hard disk, GParted app can assist you to run an information rescue operation on the hard disk to get your data back.

GParted is one of the free linux apps that lets you completely format your storage devices with a support to a big number of file systems, so you have multiple options to pick from. 

Its interface is quite simple, and with the best set options, you can effortlessly find whatever you’re beholding for.

8. Pinta

Pinta is one more upright software for Linux. 

This application is fundamentally meant as an auxiliary to MS Paint, but is much more innovative. 

Initially, this app’s interface will look conversant to anybody who has utilized Paint, however, the app has many categorically progressive features and functionalities. 

With Pinta, you can build newer images, by using different tools similar in MS Paint like Brush or Rectangle to create different types of artworks.

For image editing, Pinta possesses 40+ diverse effects, and alterations that can be used smartly to get the desired images. 

The application supports a complete history undo, which will enable you to undo each and everything, if you require any of the needed changes. 

So, you can be bold while releasing your imagination on your subsequent image editing plan on the app Pinta. 

We would unquestionably endorse this app for powerful yet simple to utilize image creation and editing tool.

QOwnNotes is one such free Linux app that you can custom for all your notes and writing requirements. 

This application utilizes markdown to format all the needed text. If you’re novel to markdown, don’t be much concerned, as it’s simple to understand its usage and is much quicker than using out-of-date formatting. 

In QOwnNotes, you can apply stuffs like “#” to get better formatting, and “##” for H2 sub-heading, and much more to explore. 

The app also offers an exclusive list of Markdown features as a guidance sheet, which comprises of each and everything related to text formatting using the markdown functionalities.

One can also use the provided options in toolbar to format different types of texts in bold, italics and the complete formatting text which you better know. 

Images and links can also be inserted from the toolbar, if you don’t recall the markdown usage features. 

If you practise markdown for a day, it’s actually simple to learn, and it’s really swift to get the work done, so I would strongly recommend it to give it a try once in the year 2017.

10. KeePassX

KeePassX is one of those vital Linux apps that you will get dependent on, when you start utilizing it. 

It is an enormously controlling, and very protected, to keep your important and personal data safe from interfering eyes.

KeePassX utilizes Twofish Encryption and AES, for encrypting the databases you generate confidentially through the app.

The finest functionality related to KeePassX, is that you can maintain diverse types of data exclusively in a single database, and the app easily handles it all in one go. 

One can utilize this app to store details like URLs, usernames, passwords, attachments and other confidential data. 

The database is fully encrypted with algorithms and can only be retrieved after you crack the database with a password or a key-file that you have created, and stored in a USB drive, or any media that your PC can work with.

You can also custom the app to produce passwords for you. Also, you can customize automated passwords, and have full control of the type or category of passwords it will generate for you. 

In each and every database, you can save the needed data in “keys” format, and all these keys can comprise of numerous data objects. 

You can also add custom icons to these keys, to straightforwardly recognize all of them. 

With this app, you need not to get worried about memorizing passwords; they would be safely saved in the encrypted database, that to on your current system in use.

Key Takeaways:

So here we have posted and shared 10 Best Must Have Linux Apps you can use in year 2017. 

These are the top most free linux apps you would ever comprehend in this year. You unquestionably should take your time to discover them and use on consistent basis. 

If you want to recommend us some more such Linux apps, then share it in the comments section.

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