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Top 10 WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Should Try In 2017

Messaging apps became one amongst the best these days. 

Individuals from young to recent ages depend upon their electronic messaging apps greatly as these apps facilitate them to connect with the entire world particularly with their close and pricey ones.

WhatsApp Alternative Apps

Electronic messaging apps like WhatsApp may be a wide common name, although during this article, we have mentioned 10 WhatsApp alternatives, that you may realize as it's nice options.

Now we have entered into the globe of nice electronic messaging apps like WhatsApp in 2017 that are being mentioned in the blog post. 

WhatsApp alternative to be explored in the year 2017:

1. Viber

This app directly competes with WhatsApp.

Viber is the most similar app to WhatsApp currently being used by multiple users all over the world. 

WhatsApp Alternative Apps

Viber services are widely accessible across platforms like robot, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Bada and more.

Viber was primarily developed for the iPhone. The vast quality of the Viber app has commanded over two hundred million users across the world becoming an electronic messaging powerhouse nowadays. 

Beginning with your electronic messaging and calls is extremely straightforward with Viber.

Registering with an easy code, you'll connect with the address book of your phone, instantly with all the contacts that square measure connected with the Viber already. 

Viber permits you instant electronic messaging, calls, sharing of files forming cluster of electronic messaging service. Viber has no bothering with ads and it's fully FREE.



LINE is a great alternative to WhatsApp with its multiple service offerings to 350+ million users across the globe. 

WhatsApp Alternative Apps

It’s accessible in most of the nations and its users are growing every day. It is presented on many platforms, accessible to all having a smartphone. 

This app was developed by Naver Corporation in Japan.

The apps user registration is based on mobile contact numbers which is alike to apps like Viber. Once registered, you can connect all the users on LINE using your mobile phone contacts. 

With LINE, you can have conversation with all types of messaging from text to graphics, video and the audio.

In addition to this, one can also do calling through this application to other different LINE users by going online with your mobile phone.

LINE offers the benefits of its use by installing in both your PC and MacOS if you are listed with an email id on LINE. 

The app is completely FREE and is companionable with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, ASHA and the BlackBerry.

3. Skype

Skype is a seamlessly dependable app that consents on superiority calling amongst all the Skype contacts around the globe. 

The Skype app has been combined with MSN and Hotmail to offer advanced services connecting you with all your email contacts. It offers best call and user experience.

It also gives access to its users to communicate through text messaging. Skype is directly connected to its users via a user name and email with protected password. 

As a consistent and steady service app, Skype is a better auxiliary amongst best WhatsApp application replacements. 

4. Hangouts 

Google launched Hangouts, and it has turned out to be the most appealing app in the world of messaging. 

It's a multi-platform solution for direct messaging that has combined all the different Google accounts across the globe. 

The app is easily compatible with iOS and the Android, and using Google+ and Gmail it is executed on the web. 

It is the fastest growing messaging platform, though not extensively used as Viber or WhatsApp.

The application consents on exchanging of text messages, videos, pictures, group chat, sending emails, stickers and doing phone calls in the U.S.A and Canada.

5. WeChat 

WeChat is an app similar to WhatsApp which is an extensively used and is very prevalently used as a messaging app globally. 

When WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, WeChat, was the closest and much talked about as its alternative in the market.

WeChat platform possess 600+ million users across the world, which is more that the top WhatsApp apps 450 million users. 

User registration through the WeChat app is very simple and similar to WhatsApp and Viber using a mobile contact number and processing done by using a verification code. 

With WeChat, you can link to your Facebook and the email accounts, letting people find you effortlessly. Video chat and Image sharing can also be done through WeChat app. 

6. ChatON 

ChatON app launched by Samsung comes just with a messaging functionality and without any features of calling. 

The application is escalating its way in the messaging market used as a simple tool. 

Sign in can be done with a Samsung account or by registering with a user name and password, after the verification of your contact number. 

The app is an alternative to WhatsApp and allows you to go through all your contacts to locate who all are present on ChatON. You can initiate with ChatON user networks and then grow further.

7. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a well known app considered as a substitute to WhatsApp. 

The Facebook Messenger can be utilized with both IOS and the Android platform. You can chat and have continuous interaction using this application.

Group chat is also acceptable with it. However, it can only be utilized with someone who is on Facebook.

8. Tango

Tango is a free messaging app which is enjoyable to use and an alternative to WhatsApp.  

WhatsApp Alternative Apps

It allows you to directly connect with your friends and colleagues in a relaxed manner and also enables to make new friends.

The app provides you with free voice calls, messaging, and high quality video calls with family and friends. 

The registration process is similar to LINE or Viber which needs a contact number verification. It has over 160+ million users and can be an alternative to WhatsApp application.

9. Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is an absolutely free messaging platform with straightforward communication features. 

WhatsApp Alternative Apps

This a modest app and decent to send messages to individuals and the different groups. Its registration process needs a username and an email address. The app is usable on many mobile platforms. 

10. KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger is a good to use app similar to WhatsApp with features including individual and group text messaging, swapping photos, all types of audio files, and calls with an internet connection.

Registration is done by verifying a 4-digit code using a contact number similar to WhatsApp.


So here we have posted and shared 10 WhatsApp alternative apps you should try in 2017.  

There are many such applications similar to WhatsApp out there on diverse online stores, however the above-mentioned messaging apps are some prime picks that you can use effortlessly. 

So, select the picture-perfect WhatsApp substitutes to connect your ways.

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    Facebook messenger and tango are the best whatsapp alternative apps.

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