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Top 10 Most Trusted Free Calling Apps For Android

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You can now download top-most free video calling apps on android in 2017. 

Best video calling app for android is utmost and extensively searched keyword online. There are many free wifi calling app accessible on internet.

Most Trusted Free Calling Apps For Android

We are sharing with you the best android video calling app.

We utilize best free calling apps for android smartphones to get a healthier and splendid user experience. 

They are entertaining to use, and have better conversation quality making it quite useful, assisting us in our day-to-day work.

Each and every android has got some inimitable features. Check out these 10 best and free videos calling apps for android in 2017, making Android smartphones quicker and improve performance.

Free Apps To Make Free Calls On Android:

It is a shared aspect to know that Android devices make us breathe calmer and humbler this time with free calling android apps

As it is reliable and user-friendly which makes mobile communication more collaborative.

Below are the Free Apps To Make Free Calls On Android in 2017:

1. Skype

Skype is the finest app for free video calls and when it charges, its call rates are very reasonable.

Most Trusted Free Calling Apps For Android

Even in travelling, you can be associated with your colleagues, friends or family, keeping them informed about your status. 

It is compatible with multiple mobile platforms like Mac, iPhone, Android or your PC. 

With Skype, you can get best free wifi calling in year 2017 enabling your android smartphone usage more collaborative and engaging.

2. Viber

Viber is one of the finest and free mobile call app for android which is regularly utilized for video messages, sending text, having calls, sharing information like your present location and also doing multimedia communication. 

Additionally, you could even make the messages attractive and stimulating using numerous stickers and emotions. You can send group messages to 100 members.

There is a push notification functionality with best calling apps supported on android which makes it relaxed for users to view who all is calling them and evade missed calls or track unknown calls. 

So, we have made it to the top 2nd position after Skype making it the finest free phone calling app for android in year 2017.

3. Google Voice

A Google Voice is a collaborating android application utilized for doing free domestic and international voice calls along with making free test messages.

Most Trusted Free Calling Apps For Android

The users just need to do payment for some internet data to send messages and making free calls. 

The users can attend to voice mails which they accept and read transcriptions that are acknowledged by them. Google voice android application is an authorized free phone call app by Google on android.

4. Tango

The Tango is the finest and best video calling apps for android which consents the users to make personalized video calls assisted with Tango Surprises. 

Most Trusted Free Calling Apps For Android

It involves entertaining animation which helps in amusing the children, serving to prompt oneself, rejoicing any kind of event. Essentially, this app is utilized for doing free phone and video calls, along with sending free limitless video messages. 

I am generally using this application subsequently as the greatest video calling app on android in year 2017.

5. Line

The Line is a best and useful user-friendly free phone call app for android phones which has got wide-ranging features that assists in making free calls at any time-period as per our suitability. 

In adding to this, users can create and share messages with media files with their colleagues, family and friends on internet. 

Users have the benefit of doing calls all around the globe to users existing in the list of contacts on the smartphone.  free calling app

6. Fring

Fring is considered as one of the overwhelming and stimulating video calling app used as top android app in year 2017. 

This is frequently utilized for doing free voice and video calls. You can also do group calls with finest video and audio eminence. 

This application is regularly utilized by users for creating all types of generic calls absolutely free of cost. 

The group call functionality is regularly utilized for interacting with colleagues or friends existing in the created groups at the expediency of the user. 

An inordinate number of savings can be done on billing and call pricing of mobile phones across the globe with this finest free calling application for android in 2017.

7. Nanu

Nanu app is one of the newest and top internet calling app for android utilized on multiple devices in 2017. 

It is an exclusive and best android app where users can do free calls regardless of the swiftness of the online services. 

User need not require a high end 3G internet speed for doing calls and can merely regulate and be able to execute it with 2G speed making it the best free phone call app in 2017 for android phones.

8. Yahoo Messenger

The official android Yahoo Messenger app is the best phone call app which is free on android. 

It has very cool options for making free calls on free calling app and the usual video calls. 

All users just need to install a Video Plugin tool so that the calling option can be aided. 

With this application users, can chat with Facebook friends and with family members, have international calling, share videos, share SMS, and pictures for both national and international contacts.

9. WeChat

This specific app is well-thought-out and best alternate to free video call on android in year 2017. 

With respect to WhatsApp apps and the users, this tool has an additional advantage for video calling. 

You can easily create videos and voice calls consistently at a very swift speed.

10. Paltalk Video Chat

Paltalk Video Chat is a thought-provoking app which can assist individuals in assembling newer contacts through live group video chat. 

Users can sing karaoke, listen to great music, participating in live and political discussions, play games online and have group conversation. 

There are multiple live chat rooms from where you can pick the top ones and participate in different communities. 

That’s why it is named as one of the finest and best free calling application on android in year 2017.


So here we have posted and shared Top 10 Most Trusted Free Calling Apps For Android which you can use in year 2017. 

These are the best free calling apps you would ever realize in this year. You definitely should take your time to explore them and use on regular basis.

If you want to recommend us some more such apps, then please share it in the below comment section.

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