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[Exclusive] Top 10 Free Linux Games You Never Knew

Linux gaming has made its mark in the entertainment domain. This blog displays the Top-most 10 Exclusive and Free Linux Games You Never Knew.  

It provides details of both the open source titles as well as the triple A monsters by picking an important representative of numerous gaming genres.

Best free Linux games for 2017:

1. Metro: Last Light Redux

top free linux games

A sequel to Metro 2033, Last Light is one of the popular first-person shooter games with craftiness and survival fear. 

Its dark black surrounding is its finest feature, as its objective is to plunge the player in the post nuclear country Russia, a life expended typically in the metro, exposed by the mutants, aggressive groups and dearth. 

Redux was launched subsequent to Last Light with graphical enhancements and effective surroundings.

Availability: Steam, Commercial

2. The Dark Mod

top free linux games

The Dark Mod is one of the best stand-alone free linux games. It initiated as an effort to reconstruct thief in Doom 3 engine, but finally raised into a complete game. 

One would find it alike to the multiple Thief series, its low-spirited, steampunk gothic and with stealth mechanism.

The game provides a combination of tutorial missions and can be easily downloaded from its official website.

Availability: Free

3. SuperTuxKart

top free linux games

SuperTuxKart is a kart racing game, like Wacky Wheels and Mario Kart. The game has 20+ tracks, a multiple game modes and advanced multiplayer. 

New content is frequently updated, the latest launch added newer characters and different modes, with graphical advances.

Networked multiplayer is the next strategic move, which will upset your friends on internet by firing them beforehand the surface mark.

Availability: Free

4. Tales of Maj’Eyal

Tales of Maj’Eyal is available on digital game stores and is an exclusive free download linux game

It is also available as an open source game. It landscapes combats, dungeons and permadeath. It even empowers a wealth of races, classes, and different items. 

It comprises of mythology illustration on Lovecraft and Tolkien, a map, multiple starting points for diverse races, and much more to offer.

You can play this game frequently and would not get bored. It is full of graphics, accessible with mouse controls, and has a great intuitive interface.

Availability: Free

5. Hedgewars

Hedgewars features and displays pink hedgehogs in the game. Teams of pink critters clash it out on arbitrarily created maps by means of a big number of weapons, extending from conservative to entirely silly. 

The game bids networked as well as local multiplayers, and as AI rivals. 

There’s a stunning content accessible for free download with 55 weapons, multiple costumes, 25 game modifiers with minigames and numerous community content packs for your added pleasure.

Availability: Free

6. 0 A.D.

top free linux games

0 A.D. has established itself as a popular open source and best free linux game

It’s a real-time historical strategy that started as mod for Age related to Empires II, however it finally developed as a discrete project with its own individuality.

There are many historical civilizations war contests. Each civilization is unique to an extend in respect to presence and gameplay. 

The game features include multiple historically precise facts, maps, unit formations, tangible layouts, construction structures and revolutions suitable for a particular civilization, and there are tactics for a genuine tactic to marine combat.

Availability: Free

7. Dota 2

The game Dota 2 is a sequel and a totally free to play gameplay. It is accessible on Steam. 

The game needs more understanding with a higher learning curve. It approximately has 800 000 players on day-to-day basis, which makes it one of the best played game. 

The game involves teams actively trying to abolish the other’s grip, while levelling their characters in the heroic roles and gathering items to assist them in this mission.

Availability: Free

8. Borderlands 2

top free linux games

Borderlands 2 is a cross amongst an action shooter and a RPG. It’s known for its arbitrarily created store of arms and characteristic cell shaded visuals. 

It structures casually created wealth with weaponries and armor, with multiple classes and diverse play styles. It also collaborates online with a campaign play.

Availability: Commercial

9. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

top free linux games

With a similar concept of classic 1994 gameplay, XOM is a strategic free linux game which errands the player with terrestrial security counter to an alien attack. 

In accumulation to regulating a group of armed forces throughout planned undertakings, the player requires to investigate newer technologies and keep pathway of the company’s funds, which adds a tactical coating to the gameplay. 

Availability: Commercial

10. Sid Meier’s Civilization V

top free linux games

It is the newest addition to the much-admired Civilization series of 4X which symbolises eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate tactic games.

Civilization V fetches the similar kind of profound and multifaceted gameplay, where exploration, mediation and armed overthrow all features at the same time and conspicuously as the player leads a civilization from primeval times into the forthcoming. 

It also presented variations with hexagonal tiles and a refurbished battle structure.

Availability: Commercial


These were the Top 10 Exclusive and Free Linux Games You Never Knew. 

We hope you would have enjoyed the details of these free linux games and If you have some other alike games in your reference then please mention them in the below comment section.

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  1. Hello Piyush,

    Metro: Last Light Redux and XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Above 2 games I found pretty new and I never played them before.

    Piyush, You mentioned amazing list of top free linux games and I'm looking forward to play them.


  2. Hey,

    Thanks for sharing the Top 10 Free Linux Games. I really loved all of them specially 1st and 2nd :)