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5 Best Whatsapp Hacks In 2018

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Whatsapp need no introduction. It's a very well know brand/app in the internet world.

Whatsapp is being used by 1 billion users. So this makes me write this amazing tutorial on whatsapp hacks for you.

best whatsapp hacks
Whatsapp is quite simple to use though it has some amazing features/whatsapp hacks which is unknown to most of people and in this post we will see 5 best whatsapp hacks in 2018.

You need to master these whatsapp hacks 2018 to make your life easier.

Let's start...

Every app comes out with new tricks, hacks and features. So here you can find some of best trick and hacks of the whatsapp app.

What you do when you wake up in the morning?

Let me guess…..

Checking your WhatsApp messages. Right?

What you do when you going to sleep?


Checking your WhatsApp for new messages. Right?

Whether you agree or not but WhatsApp is a part of our life nowadays.

So here is the list of, 5 best WhatsApp hacks and tricks 2018 that you need to know:

Best Whatsapp Hacks & Tricks 2018:

1. You can use WhatsApp through Siri or Ok Google

Do you know about this?

Isn't it cool ha?

use WhatsApp through Siri or Ok Google

When you feel bored or not in a mood to type then you can just type through your voice. So here are the 3 steps you can use it.

Say “Hey Siri” - if using iPhone or “Ok Google” if using Android
Send WhatsApp to - say Name you want to send
Say whatever you want to type.

Just try it once. You will really enjoy this :)

2. How to hide your message pop up

If you are in office and doing your work and all of the sudden popup com and if you find it annoying, This hack is for you.

hide your message pop up

To activate this, You have to go to Settings>Notification and select “No Pop-up” option.

3. Listen to voice messages discreet

WhatsApp has one problem that you can not listen to voice messages discreetly without earbuds.  You wanna know how can you do that?

You can do this by placing your phone near to your ear just like you do when you pick up call, By that, you activated proximity sensor and you can hear voice messages without headphones.

4. Read messages by avoiding bluetick

You guys already know that one mark is for sent, 2 marks are for delivery and blue ticks are for readers.

Read messages by avoiding bluetick

So if you want to know that how to avoid blue tick and still you read messages then turn off your wifi and mobile data. Now you can read messages and there will not be any blue ticks neither in sender devices nor your.

5. How you can hide WhatsApp folder from gallery

If you want high privacy that no one can find your WhatsApp images folder in the gallery then you need to follow below mentioned steps.

hide WhatsApp folder from gallery

First, open your file manager >> Go to WhatsApp >> You will find two folders WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Video >> Just add dot “.” in the prefix of both folders.

It’s easy right…!

Over To You:

So this was all about best whatsapp hacks you need to master in 2018. I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

There are several other hacks for whatsapp but I just tried to mentioned the important one's.

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