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Datally: Mobile Data-Saving & WiFi App By Google

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Recently an app that designed by Alphabet's Google that will help you to stay
under limits of an expensive mobile data package. It launched for all Android users in every developing country.

So now no need to worry about mobile data because all your expensive internet will save by Datally and you can download via Google Play.

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Datally, this is the latest service lists data consumption and you can enable and disable your data transmission by this app.

Google group product manager Josh Woodward told in an interview. This app will also contain a directory of nearby Wi-Fi networks that includes user commentary on their quality.

Google's Next Billion Users division is the latest offering, this is an internal effort to provide GPRS services more and easily accessible to people in countries where technology infrastructure is not as good or affordable as in the United States or Western Europe.

Because of Indian consumers and a low-bandwidth version of YouTube, Google announced a peer-to-peer payment app last month.

The best thing about Datally is functionality. 

There are Much functionality that available in Android smartphones within the settings pages, but as per Woodward, he expects the specialized app will make it easier to understand the options.

Android app developers outside and inside Google initially expressed well concern about the effects of users limiting their services' data access at the time of checking Datally, Woodward said.

But user warmly welcomed data consumption app by "apps they really like," Woodward said. 

"The visibility gives users more confidence to use those apps."

“Mobile data is high priced for many people around the world. And worse is that it's tough to figure out where all mobile data goes. 

That's why developer developed Datally, an app that will help you to control and save more more mobile data. Google been testing Datally in the Philippines for the past saveral months, and people agrred to that they are saving up to 30 percent on their data.”

The above sentence said by Caesar Sengupta, Vice President, Next Billion Users, Google in his blog post.

To know more about Datally, you can read this blog post,

It is published by Google itself.

Datally: A new mobile data-saving app by Google:

You can watch this very short video  to under more what is Datally.

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So this was all about Datally: mobile data saving and wifi app by Google. I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

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