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Whatsapp Two-Step Verification: How To Enable It

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You can see two-step verification in every giant technology company like Google, 
Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook because two-step verification provides more 

Whatsapp Two-Step Verification: How To Enable It

If you are not using this two-step verification in gmail, facebook etc apps. Then 
I recommend you to activate it today for more security. Even now you can enable 
two-step verification in WhatsApp too. 

Whatsapp is keep on updating new features every now and them. It keeps on
bringing new and advance things.

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WhatsApp Assures that once you activate two-step verification then you require 
a phone number and six-digit code whenever you first attempt to open.  

First, this features available in beta version but because it got sucked so now it is 
available for all users. You can enable it with 8 simple step that you can read 

So here I will explain you today that how to enable two-step verification in 

How To Setup Whatsapp Two-Step Verification:

  1. Open WhatsApp Now 
  2. Go To WhatsApp Settings 
  3. Open Account 
  4. Find Two-Step Verification 
  5. Tap Enable 
  6. Enter Six Digit Passcode 
  7. Again Enter Six Digit Passcode 
  8. Enter Your Email Address On Next Screen (Optional)

The last step was optional because WhatsApp asks for the email address which 
links to your account. This is not necessary but it is for safety in case if someone 
forgets passcode so a user can deactivate through email.

Even WhatsApp will ask you to in some time period for the six-digit passcode 
and you can’t disable it without disabling two-step verification.  

Here you can also enter your email address optionally and by this email address 
which will basically allow WhatsApp to send you a link by which you can disable 
you a six-digit passcode.

I  must clear one thing here that if the user wants to re-verify six-digit passcode 

then WhatsApp allow it after 7 days on time.

Once this 7 days of time is over, You can re-verify your WhatsApp account  
without your passcode once your number will be permitted. There is a fact that 
you will lose you pending message during re-verifying.

There is another thing that you must know that if you re-verifying your WhatsApp 
account after 30 days then your old account will be deleted and the new one will be 

Over to You:

So this was all about how to setup whatsapp two-step verification. I recommend
you to add/enable this feature today to add extra security layer.

I hope you this tutorial helped you to enable the whatsapp 2 step verification.

Are you going to enable it today? Do let me know in the comments below.

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