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Download Aptoide Lite APK For Android 2018

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As you know we are trying to provide you the best applications for Android. Here is another called Aptoide lite APK which is another playstore for android but far better than playstore.

The best part of this app store is you can get premium apps for free. Aptoide lite APK is a replica of Aptoide.

It is a lite version of Aptoide which is made for those Android users who can use acted on their android device and its useful for people having a slow internet connection.

If you face problem in Aptoide while downloading in slow internet connection than Aptoide lite is best for you.

Download Aptoide Lite APK For Android
Download Aptoide Lite APK For Android

Aptoide lite app store contains tons android apps. You can find any android application on Aptoide lite and download android apps APKs which can be installed later.

Unlike play store applications are absolutely free. This application provides amazing service for downloading and updating applications. 

"Aptoide lite is the second app store after play store".

In our last post we saw,

Now lets see,

How Aptoide Lite APK Is Is Different From Aptoide?

Download Aptoide Lite APK For Android

As I have told you Aptoide lite APK is a lighter version of Aptoide. Aptoide lite is all same to Aptoide in features but Aptoide lite is faster in performance.

Aptoide lite works on the slow internet, unlike Aptoide. Aptoide lite is made for people who face troubles with a slow internet connection. In comparison, Aptoide lite is faster and better than Aptoide.

How to Download Aptoide Lite APK on Android?

After reading the advantage of Aptoide lite I am sure that you want to download the app so, here is the download link for you.

It’s obvious that you cannot download Aptoide lite from play store.we are providing the latest version of Aptoide lite APK.

How To Install Aptoide Lite APK On Android?

As many of you install applications from play store but Aptoide lite APK cannot be downloaded from play store so, we are pretty sure you will face troubles and we got you the whole installation process step by step.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to download Aptoide lite APK on your android device

Step 2: Then you have to locate the downloaded file and install it

Download Aptoide Lite APK For Android

Step 3: You need to check settings if the unknown sources are able you have to enable it in order to download the APK file for that you have to go to  

settings>>security>>device administrators enable the unknown sources.

Download Aptoide Lite APK For Android


Step 4: the app is ready to open the installation process.

Aptoide Lite APK Features:

It’s obvious that you need reasons for switching to Aptoide lite from play store so, we have many reasons. Aptoid lite APK is better than play store and the other features are below.
  • The best part of this application is that it only takes 1MB Space on your device.
  • Better than play store both for free and paid applications.
  • It is a freemium application.
  • Paid applications are available for free.
  • You can share applications with you friends via wifi without using your data.
  • The application even works on the slow internet.
  • Fastest application store for Android.
  • No registration required.
  • You can find applications which are not available in play store.
  • Easy to use and perfect interference.
  • 11 It protects the device from downloading malware virus through an app

Download Aptoide Lite APK For Android

Requirements for Aptoide APK:

This doesn’t have any unique requirements. Still, these are requirements for Apoide.

  • Android devise with v4 and above
  • Good internet connection
  • Android lite APK

Yes, that’s all need for enjoying the amazing app store.


After reading so much about Aptoide lite APK I am sure you have downloaded it already? If not I must say give it a try! 

The app is great for downloading applications or updating. 

It also has higher downloading speed than play store which helps you to download or update in slow internet too. 

For Android, there are many app store applications but according to me, Aptoide lite is best and fast.

Did you downloaded Aptoide lite apk 2018? OR are you going to download it after reading this tutorial. Do let me know in the comments below.

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